The transformative and evocative power of this gender-fluid, fine jewels collection, has been designed to awaken and elevate your warrior spirit within…once

you become fearless, you become limitless.

Enriched with symbolism, every element has been forged with love, peace and intention.

Chain Maille was worn by brave warriors and goddesses for protection in ancient times. The repetitive universal circles represent the notions of totality, wholeness, completion, infinity, eternity and timelessness. Links symbolise never ending inter-connectivity and love.

The alchemy of Diamonds symbolise clarity, your journey, vision and awareness.

Silver, believed to be the mirror of the soul is a symbol of protection, truth, strength and balance.

Gold, is a symbol of beauty, strength, happiness, peace and protection.

“We are all warriors fighting the same war on different fronts. Every day we wear a new amour so we don’t let them see the scars we don’t want to talk about.”