When free creative rein is given to award-winning production house Life Design, the result is pure, unadulterated magic.

Blessed to work with a team with such an abundance of beautiful energies and spirit.

Capturing the shots and behind the scenes of the making of our series of six YOUNG + CO fashion films, conceptualised and directed by the beyond talented Linda Notelovitz.

Francis Bolts, Renaissance & Blush

Director: Linda Notelovitz

Directors Assistant: Giovanna Winetzki

Camera: Miles Goodall, Ross Maxwell

Stills Photography: Izwele

Stylist and make-up: David Hutt


Kate Metzer @ BOSS MODELS

Faith Johnson @ BOSS MODELS

Jesse Chinn, Alchemist & Artist

Francis Yanga

Special thanks to Peter Mostert – Editor, Hooligan, NY and Chris Ryan – Colorist,

Nice Shoes, NY for contributing to films