Behind the Brand


Unexpected Alchemy

YOUNG + CO creates gender-fluid statement jewellery, that envelops the body like magic. We celebrate the strength, beauty, uniqueness and the remarkable journey of the people who adorn themselves in our pieces.


Perfectly Imperfect

Y+CO was founded with the aim of disrupting the jewellery industry. Style consciousness and distinct quality make up our essence: a curated jewellery brand that joins us all in our ever-changing journeys.

Y+CO embraces a kind of unexpected truth that escapes from conventions: built upon a set of powerful beliefs, we seek to redefine what it means to be imperfect in a “perfect” world, a duality of forces that coexist in balance. We believe in self-expression, therefore we strive to exceed expectations by creating unique trend-setting jewels with a remarkable design. Every collection manifests the creation of a new journey, each natural diamond unique in its own colour and form.


Designing a Dream

In 2018, friends Sue Young Koton and Lisa Lowenthal made the decision to pursue a dream: to create a brand, turning their passion for jewellery and design into a life project.

Y+CO is the result of a balanced combination of creative talent and passion. From the design, through to the manufacture and delivery of our jewellery, each phase of the experience is carefully orchestrated, so that our treasures of today become the future heirlooms of tomorrow.


Beauty is in the Detail

At Y+CO, design and jewellery are our form of expression, each collection is the canvas in which this whole creative universe is built on. Each piece manifests the creation of our new world: brave, genuine and sophisticated. As every stone carefully finds its place in our jewels, a work of art is born on every wearer.


Our Process

The creative process starts at our studio/workshop where our jewels comes to life, from the first sketch, to development, to final samples handcrafted with expertise.

“It’s where it all comes together, where the minds of great creatives conjure their explorations of their inner and outer worlds to produce works that carry a piece of their souls.”


Moving responsibly into the future

Y+CO are committed to social responsibility, training previously disadvantaged students to design and manufacture jewellery, as well as source and cut stones in our studio/workshop. We are committed to social responsibility & transformation, using ethically sourced imperfect natural diamonds.

We are passionate about up-cycling, re-cycling and green spaces and mentor a workforce of 400 Urban Waste Miners, who indirectly serve the environment through re-cycling as a means of income. We focus on supporting their small businesses with innovative initiatives to enhance their business as a collective, whilst helping supporting their families. We are the founders and design consultants for the Twilight Innovation Hub, and are dedicated to empowering our youth and creating opportunities

Perfectly Imperfect. Beauty Lies in the Detail.